RU Autonomous competes in the AUVSI SUAS competition which simulates search and rescue operations and presents a number of challenges for participating teams including autonomous waypoint navigation, image capture, target recognition, interoperability, and air-delivery. To accompish the tasks, we deliver superior hardware and software design.

Hardware Design

Software Design


Hardware and Software Design

At RUAutonomous, design is huge. From mechanical and electrical hardware, ardupilot based systems for autonomous control and navigation, to full-stack web development. As well as deep learning, reinforcement learning, and computer networking. We do it all.

Which is why we encourage anyone interested in autonomous systems to join us!

AUVSI's SUAS Competition

AUVSI's SUAS Competition is the primary focal point for RUAutonomous. The compeititon occurs annually in June at Webster Field, part of Patuxent River Naval Air Station in Maryland, and is sponsored by organizations including Naval Air Systems Command, Northrop Grumman, and Google. Other schools that compete in the AUVSI competition include Cornell, UPenn, UT-Austin, the US Naval Academy, and other international schools.

We strive to grow and improve every year!

Check out our work from the 2018 competition.